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2007-12-28 17:36:53 by uziwave

Hi everybody this is Uziwave.
Being a Part of this successful website I'd like to tell you that im so proud to be in the middle of here and to share my audio Portals with everybody & everyone interested in this site.
I started composing music officially 2 years ago and i found my self Talented in the world of digital Music. It's a long journey to go but im still on the track and i will continue because my Major Goal here is to promote Music specialy Electronic Production including Music,Flash and Games.
If anyone is interseted in what i compose in various genres you can ask and contact me to make you a song to add it to your Flash or game.
And we must Respect others to Have their respect.
Enjoy !
~ Uziwave ~


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2007-12-28 20:06:53

great! how do you make your music?

uziwave responds:

I think the answer for such a question should be kept secret. i use some programs and ofcourse my Roland synthesizer. other roles are played by my Creativity and imagination.


2007-12-29 16:56:22

ahh... secrets.


2007-12-29 18:55:17

The problems of the future today!


2007-12-29 21:56:52

One question, do you do flash or are yo going to?

uziwave responds:

Acually i don't do Flash but on the long run i may learn some and do .


2007-12-30 02:49:54

Wow... I live in Amman Jordan Too!!!!
I'm 16 though...
But I'm not arab.. I'm korean o_O
Good luck in making your music
I have my eye on you o_O
P.s. I'm no stalker xD

uziwave responds:

Thank you for wishing me good luck.
im jordanian and i Live in Jordan.
wish you a nice stay in jordan !


2007-12-31 04:09:23

Hi wize guy :P

uziwave responds:

What's up my friend Fadious, My best friend acually. Make us new hits man come on !
pump up the valume lol :P Salam.
ow tensash fat el 5amsat.