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WHo's an IGCSE student ?

2008-01-14 03:08:14 by uziwave

Im an IGCSE student and i would like to know if anybody on NG have tests on January like me lol.
Anyway Good Luck everybody, wish you alwayz da best !
~ Uziwave ~

NOTE: If you are interested tell me what tests you have? :P


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2008-01-14 04:25:59

I'm doing IGCSEs but my tests aren't until May :P

Taking Double Award Science, French, English lang and lit, Hist, Geo and Math - Good Luck with your exams.


2008-01-14 06:45:07

I have a computing exam in about 90 minutes. Why am I on Newgrounds you ask? I revised for 10 minutes before getting bored. :D

uziwave responds:

sounds Cool !
Good Luck !


2008-01-14 12:38:40

I'm an ex-IGCSE student, I did quite well :)


2008-01-14 17:45:38

Update on my exam: I failed.

uziwave responds:

NO Man was it that hard ?!