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Can we Live without NG ?

2008-01-14 06:57:55 by uziwave

For me the answer Is No i Can't. It's the only way to make ppl hear ma songz!
What about you? free your mind! why do u need NG and open it nearly everyday ?

Can we Live without NG ?

WHo's an IGCSE student ?

2008-01-14 03:08:14 by uziwave

Im an IGCSE student and i would like to know if anybody on NG have tests on January like me lol.
Anyway Good Luck everybody, wish you alwayz da best !
~ Uziwave ~

NOTE: If you are interested tell me what tests you have? :P

To the Lovers Of ( saw II )

2007-12-31 05:16:49 by uziwave

I made a Theme track for the Movie Saw 2.
it's kinda strange but deep. try listening to it and Tell me what do you think .

Everything by Everyone

2007-12-28 17:36:53 by uziwave

Hi everybody this is Uziwave.
Being a Part of this successful website I'd like to tell you that im so proud to be in the middle of here and to share my audio Portals with everybody & everyone interested in this site.
I started composing music officially 2 years ago and i found my self Talented in the world of digital Music. It's a long journey to go but im still on the track and i will continue because my Major Goal here is to promote Music specialy Electronic Production including Music,Flash and Games.
If anyone is interseted in what i compose in various genres you can ask and contact me to make you a song to add it to your Flash or game.
And we must Respect others to Have their respect.
Enjoy !
~ Uziwave ~